Utility Customer Service Training

ECG’s Customer Service Training Program is customized for municipal utilities and provides municipalities with the necessary skills and resources to deliver excellent service to your customer. This program is designed to offer guidance with the unique demands of the utility industry. Customer satisfaction is a key component of the overall success of your municipal enterprise systems. You will gain insight on effective communication skills.

The Customer Service program provides hands‐on participation, role playing exercises, and practical solutions to daily dilemmas related to customer interaction. We will explore strategies to become a successful communicator, learn to deal with angry and dissatisfied customers and improve internal communication and collaboration.  You will discover methods to understand and connect with a diverse customer base.

The program is designed to provide maximum benefit while limiting time away from  your job duties. Divided into 6 modules, our training allows flexibility in scheduling and the option of attending individual classes for subject concentration. Upon completion of the program, a Certificate of Completion is presented.  You must attend all six Series to receive the Certificate.

Series 1 – Customer Service Communication
Series 2 – The SELF Evaluation: Self-awareness for Improved External and Internal Service
Series 3 – Dealing with Stress Caused by Angry and Difficult Customers
Series 4 – Resolving High Bill Complaints / Education of Energy Conservation & Efficiency Improved
Series 5 – Customer Service by Phone
Series 6 – Understanding Collections and Disconnections

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Manager, Member Training & Operations Support

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