Strategic Partners

ECG is pleased to announce the Strategic Partnership Program. After a favorable review of the capabilities, work references and completed projects of our Strategic Partners, we are pleased to refer the services of these companies to our ECG cities. Please take a look at their websites for additional details on the services they can provide. If you would like further information, please give us a call.


Tantalus is a leading smart grid technology partner to the Municipality and Cooperative utility market. We deliver solutions that leverage data analytics to improve the efficiency and reliability of distribution networks for energy, water and gas utilities. Our practical applications in AMI, load management, and grid optimization are designed to leverage existing assets, extend ROI, increase operational savings, and enhance customer service.

Interactive Utility Communications

Interactive Utility Communications provides call center services for the utility industry. Whether working with an Investor Owned, Municipality, or City Government run utility services; the service and focus of their organization is to provide solutions that are extensions of their clients’ operations. Their clear understanding of the industries they support enables them to apply effective and flexible solutions to suit an organization’s needs, regardless of size.

What’s unique about IUC is that they invest time to understand how their clients operate their businesses and what’s important to them. They use that information to develop a service application for their CSR’s and Dispatchers to manage Gas, Electric, Water & Sewer, Public Works, and other city service calls. The result is a seamless extension of internal operations that saves time and money for their clients. Most people have no idea they’re even talking to IUC and not their provider. Click here to read the blog post on IUC.

Hometown Connections

Leading community-owned utilities to a powerful future

Hometown Connections, Inc. is a national, non-profit utility services organization specializing in the unique challenges facing community-owned utilities. For more than 20 years, our expert team has helped over 900 utilities to modernize their processes and systems. Hometown Connections works with utilities of all sizes, facilitating access to technology, services, and other solutions from industry-leading companies. The products and services offered through Hometown Connections include a full range of metering and other advanced grid solutions as well as consulting support in the areas of strategic planning, governance development, organization assessment, customer service, market research, and staffing.

Upcoming Events

October 2023

Overhead Hotline School Class 9


ECG’s Overhead Hotline School is designed to give linemen and Apprentice Lineworker Program graduates additional training. The program is simulated energized and at no time will students handle energized conductors. The school’s focus is to train students… read more

October 2023

Apprentice Class 61C


ECG’s Powerline Workers Apprenticeship Program is a three-year certification designed to enhance utility employees’ knowledge and skills in this field. Powerline workers are responsible for building, improving, and maintaining the poles and wires that… read more

October 2023

Foreman Development Series - 2nd Module


ECG’s Foreman Development Series is intended to provide line crew leaders and line crew foremen with tools and abilities outside the scope of the physical hands-on side of line work, concentrating on the soft skill/ mental side of leading crew members.… read more