Strategic Partners

ECG is pleased to announce the Strategic Partnership Program. After a favorable review of the capabilities, work references and completed projects of our Strategic Partners, we are pleased to refer the services of these companies to our ECG cities. Please take a look at their websites for additional details on the services they can provide. If you would like further information, please give us a call.


Tantalus is a leading smart grid technology partner to the Municipality and Cooperative utility market. We deliver solutions that leverage data analytics to improve the efficiency and reliability of distribution networks for energy, water and gas utilities. Our practical applications in AMI, load management, and grid optimization are designed to leverage existing assets, extend ROI, increase operational savings, and enhance customer service.

Interactive Utility Communications

ECG has partnered with Interactive Utility Communications (IUC) to provide our communities with specialized control room operations support, 24/7 contact center solutions for outage management and an array of customer care services.