All utilities face challenges of potential risks in all facets of their daily operations. One risk in particular that is highly critical to the overall efficiency of utility operations is Cybersecurity. Security of your utility infrastructure is vital to the safety of employees, generation of revenue and economic growth of your community. With growing concerns of Cybersecurity, ECG and MEAG Power have joined together to provide opportunities and resources to improve your community’s Cybersecurity footprint. Listed below are some resources to assist you in those efforts.

APPA – American Public Power

The American Public Power Association is helping member utilities across the country create a more resilient and secure electric grid that is prepared for both cyber and physical threats. Public power utilities are working with their communities, states, and the federal government to ensure compliance with stringent security standards and to manage risk.

APPA Public Power Daily Report

Incident Response Playbook

Lessons Learned from GridX

All MEAG Power Participants are members of APPA and have access to acquire a login with access to the following resources:

Cybersecurity Preparedness

Cybersecurity Scorecard

Cybersecurity Roadmap

Group Discussion Lists

MS-ISAC – Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center

Cybersecurity Best Practices

The mission of the MS-ISAC is to improve the overall Cybersecurity posture of the nation’s state, local, tribal and territorial governments through focused cyber threat prevention, protection, response, and recovery.

Cybersecurity Tools

Cybersecurity Threats

Member Benefits

E-ISAC – Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center

The E-ISAC reduces cyber and physical security risk to the electricity industry across North America by providing unique insights, leadership, and collaboration. Listed below are some resources for non-members. To gain access to the full library you must acquire a login.

Cyber / Physical Security Bulletins & Physical News

Georgia Technology Authority

The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) currently manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to 89 Executive Branch agencies and managed network services to more than 1,200 state and local government entities.


Federal Bureau of Investigations

To contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) office regarding a cybersecurity issue or concerns, please notify

SA Nate Langmack / [email protected] / FBI Atlanta / 770-216-3240

Upcoming Events

October 2023

Overhead Hotline School Class 9


ECG’s Overhead Hotline School is designed to give linemen and Apprentice Lineworker Program graduates additional training. The program is simulated energized and at no time will students handle energized conductors. The school’s focus is to train students… read more

October 2023

Apprentice Class 61C


ECG’s Powerline Workers Apprenticeship Program is a three-year certification designed to enhance utility employees’ knowledge and skills in this field. Powerline workers are responsible for building, improving, and maintaining the poles and wires that… read more

October 2023

Foreman Development Series - 2nd Module


ECG’s Foreman Development Series is intended to provide line crew leaders and line crew foremen with tools and abilities outside the scope of the physical hands-on side of line work, concentrating on the soft skill/ mental side of leading crew members.… read more