07 Nov 2019

Tantalus Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Representatives of rural cooperatives and municipal utilities from across North America gathered in Memphis this week for an annual user conference hosted by Tantalus, a purpose-driven company that focuses exclusively on this critical market segment, to discuss their unique challenges, celebrate shared successes and explore smart grid and AMI solutions that help keep their local… Read more »


28 Oct 2019

Interactive Utility Communications provides utility solutions for ECG Members

Interactive Utility Communications (IUC), an ECG Strategic Partner understands how to assist utilities through providing Call Services, Dispatching, Disconnections & Re-connections and Notifications. Tailoring services to the specific needs of each utility, IUC have proven results of success and a list of testimonials to attest to the value and efficiency of their services. In 2018… Read more »


09 Oct 2019

Thomasville adds charging stations for electric vehicles.

Visitors to Thomasville driving electric vehicles now have two new places to charge up their cars while visiting the community. The City of Thomasville recently installed two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use. Located in downtown Thomasville, the charging stations may give visitors a reason to stop in and stay while. Read more here


01 Oct 2019

2019 ECG Foreman & Supervisor Conference

The 2019 ECG Foreman & Supervisor Conference was held at the beautiful Lodge & Spa at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. This year marked the 20th Anniversary and it was nothing short of exemplary. The conference opened with the Presentation of Colors by the Columbus State University ROTC followed by an agenda full of… Read more »


27 Jun 2019

2019 ECG Engineering & Operations Conference

The 2019 ECG Engineering & Operations Conference was held in the beautiful historic Savannah, GA; Georgia’s oldest city. We strategically structured this years’ conference to give our members more one-on-one time to network and have in-depth conversations with vendors and utility professionals. In addition to the extended networking, we had a variety of presentations given… Read more »


11 Jan 2019

The Georgia Beer Bill: One Year Later

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 85, otherwise known as the “booze bill,” into law. The legislation allows breweries and distilleries to sell their products directly to consumers who patronize their locations. Now that the law has been in effect for a year, it’s time… Read more »


04 Jan 2019

Shared Success: The Utility’s Role in Economic Development

Businesses want to keep energy costs down and utilities want to see load grow. That’s the bottom line in economic development. But that’s not all there is to it. Communities and businesses have varying goals that require a careful match to find the right fit. To help grow and improve their communities, public power utilities… Read more »