28 Oct 2019

Interactive Utility Communications provides utility solutions for ECG Members

Interactive Utility Communications (IUC), an ECG Strategic Partner understands how to assist utilities through providing Call Services, Dispatching, Disconnections & Re-connections and Notifications. Tailoring services to the specific needs of each utility, IUC have proven results of success and a list of testimonials to attest to the value and efficiency of their services.

In 2018 IUC generated 19,630 service requests. Of these service requests, IUC resolved 867, reducing the work orders by 4%.  At $150 for a 2 man truck roll, IUC saved their clients $130,000 in overtime expense. This among many are results of the type of service IUC provides ECG Members.

Quotes from ECG Members

“IUC provides the tools for us to successfully achieve two priority goals in our daily service delivery. First and foremost, the ability to keep our Power Crews safe in a potentially dangerous environment and secondly , to consistently deliver reliable services to our customers in a timely manner after hours and during major storms.”

-Jim Culpepper, Power Control Supervisor, Marietta Power

IUC provides Pre-Disconnect Notification Services “Ten days prior to disconnection, IUC receives a file with customer contact numbers. 5 – 7 days prior to the disconnection date, IUC notifies the customers with a friendly reminder that the city has not received payment and to avoid disconnection, to contact customer service. Prior to beginning this program in 2016, roughly 35% of the customers on the cut off list would be disconnected.  Over the last 3 years IUC averaged 420 notification calls, connected with 84% and the customer cut off rate dropped to less than 15%.  This program improves customer service through a friendly reminder, reduces crew trips, and saves the city money.”

-Sherri Bailey, City of Washington

Case Studies from ECG Members