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Welcome to ECG.

We are an organization rooted in developing and supporting economic opportunities for our Public Power Members. We have a rich history in Georgia’s communities, helping supplement their abilities to compete for business and industry and help build a standard of living that makes desirable places for people to live, work and play.

The economic development and sustainability of our Georgia Public Power community members remain prominent and serve as a driving force for ECG as we continue to capitalize on the latest technologies and industry standards. Our team of Industry Experts takes pride in offering our members support through strategic and technical services that position them at a competitive advantage and ensure utility service reliability.

ECG supports greatness, and we are always looking to develop opportunities for the betterment of our communities. It’s our goal to continue to work on their behalf and turn opportunities into growth. 

Walter West


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Walter West

President & Chief Executive Officer

Walter West

Upcoming Events

October 2023

Overhead Hotline School Class 9


ECG’s Overhead Hotline School is designed to give linemen and Apprentice Lineworker Program graduates additional training. The program is simulated energized and at no time will students handle energized conductors. The school’s focus is to train students… read more

October 2023

Apprentice Class 61C


ECG’s Powerline Workers Apprenticeship Program is a three-year certification designed to enhance utility employees’ knowledge and skills in this field. Powerline workers are responsible for building, improving, and maintaining the poles and wires that… read more

October 2023

Foreman Development Series - 2nd Module


ECG’s Foreman Development Series is intended to provide line crew leaders and line crew foremen with tools and abilities outside the scope of the physical hands-on side of line work, concentrating on the soft skill/ mental side of leading crew members.… read more