20 Nov 2019


Leadership Georgia consist of approximately 60 diverse participants across the state of Georgia. These annually selected participants visit five of Georgia communities to learn about issues affecting the state with an expectation to actively put their ideas and skills to work. From the beginning until now,
this program has become one of the most successful leadership training programs for young business, civic, and community leaders that have the desire and potential to work together for a better Georgia.


ECG & MEAG Power jointly partnered together to sponsor Leadership Georgia. Partnering together is just one of many investments made to enhance the skill set and leadership training to ECG’s 52 Municipal Members and MEAG’s 49. Sabrina Milner, Director of Communications for ECG enforces the Core Values of Teamwork by saying, “We work together with our stakeholders to realize the best deliverable solutions to meet all needs with a strong desire to support and develop opportunities for prosperity and growth.“

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