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05 Jan 2021

LaGrange Negotiating Solar Power Deal With Local Walmart Store

MEAG Power is in current development of the necessary agreements for any of their 49 Public Power Communities to participate in a Wholesale Purchased Power Contract (PPC) that will provide cost-effective Solar Power output for their communities renewable strategies via a 20-Year Solar Purchased Power Agreement (SPPA) relationship MEAG Power will have with a Solar Provider.

In congruence with MEAG Power’s wholesale efforts, ECG is developing a Renewable Energy Customer Agreement (RECA) and the applicable retail cost recovery tariffs for any ECG Members interested in assigning a portion of their wholesale solar output to any of their qualifying retail customers. This retail initiative will facilitate a supplemental retail relationship between any participating ECG Member & their retail customers that are guided by corporate renewable energy strategies. For more information, contact Walter West

LaGrange negotiating solar power deal

The American Public Power Association (APPA) recently published an article outlining the process that the City of LaGrange is currently undergoing to negotiate the solar power deal with their local Walmart facilities. “Buying renewable solar power through the city allows Walmart to realize better prices and keeps revenues from one of the city’s largest customers in the local economy, Patrick Bowie, the city’s director of utilities, said. READ MORE