06 Sep 2022

The City of Sylvester’s Leadership team begins Strategic Planning

SYLVESTER – September 6, 2022 – The City of Sylvester’s leadership team has begun a strategic planning process with Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) through its Edge Development Certification Program. Over the next couple of months, the community leadership group will discuss what they have learned throughout the educational component, conduct a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, and come away with a strategy and a project-based implementation plan. 

“We are excited to move into the planning stage of Edge Development with so many of our city and county partners. Each brings a perspective to the planning table that affords the greatest opportunity for success,” says Autron Hayes, Sylvester City Manager. “We want to hear from our community about what is important to them and hear ideas to help lay the foundation for economic growth in the City of Sylvester, Worth County, and our region.”

In early 2022 the city’s leadership team, including the city council and department heads, began the Edge Development program with a series of educational programs that provided best practices in utility enterprise operations and community development. The initial training served as a prerequisite to the strategic planning process. The city has identified a group of community leaders, including industry stakeholders, religious and civic organizations, and educational and government administrations to participate and provide community insight into the process. An online survey for community stakeholders will also provide the leadership team feedback from the residents and businesses.  

Throughout the curriculum, elected officials and city department leaders heard from industry and academic experts in the areas of utility best practices, return on investment principles, revenue protection, jobs and capital investment creation, and organic growth concepts. Strategic planning relies on these concepts to create a project-based plan for continued growth and success throughout the community.

“Sylvester’s leadership is taking a proactive approach to strategic planning through Edge Development,” says Daryl Ingram, SVP & CXO with ECG. “The goal of Edge Development is to help community leaders devise and implement short and long-term strategies for success based on proven economic and community development principles.”

The community is encouraged to get involved by completing the online survey. The survey asks for input on the industry, the current economic indicators, workforce, and quality of life aspects and can be accessed on the city’s Facebook page (@cityofsylvester). The results will be incorporated into the implementation plan.

About Edge Development:

Edge Development is made possible through the partnership of Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG), the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power), and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (Gas Authority). The program is available for the members of these three organizations. For additional information, contact Michelle Weekley ([email protected] or 404.272.0598).