29 May 2020

ECG is Global

Hugo Hodge, Jr.
Executive VP, GM Caribbean Basin for Tantalus

Given the uncertainty of times during the COVID-19 pandemic there is one thing for sure; ECG’s brand can be spotted anywhere at anytime. Our strategic partnerships, good wholesome business relationships and affiliations have spread globally. Hugo Hodge, Jr., Executive VP, GM Caribbean Basin for Tantalus was spotted in the U.S. Virgin Islands representing ECG.

Peter Londa
President & CEO, Tantalus

Weeks prior to this photo, Peter Londa, President & CEO of Tantalus was captured wearing an ECG hat with several other options in the background but decided to choose ECG. The decision to represent ECG in the comfort of your home or in the Caribbean on any casual day speaks volume to the validity of our strategic partnership and long time business relations with Tantalus. In the words of ECG’s Director of Communication, Sabrina Milner, “Good business just feels right.”

It’s good to know amidst what’s happening all over the world right now; ECG stands out! To learn more about our strategic partnership program and partners, CLICK HERE.