HiperWeb Staff Directory

The HiperWeb© Inventory and Work Order Management System, designed by Premier Systems Design supports the overall goals and objectives of utilities and municipalities. It is designed to support across-department functions (Workflow Integration) and produce results which support key performance indicators. The robust tools included in HiperWeb are designed to improve customer service, optimize performance, reduce cost and improve efficiencies.

Because it is web-based, it is accessible to you anywhere you have an internet connection!

The HiperWeb Toolbox includes:

CIS (Service Request and Service Orders)

  • Work Orders
  • Job Estimates
  • Project Management

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Corrective Maintenance Work Orders
  • Financial Tracking of Asset Cost/Investment ratios

Inventory Management and Purchasing

  • Requisitions
  • On-line Quote functionality
  • Vendor Management
  • Multiple warehouse support

Stormwater and Hydrant Inspections

Ease of Use

Process is very intuitive

Dashboard setup gives user immediate visual overview of the active work orders they are responsible for. CSR, Administrative Support, or Director with multiple department responsibility can view active WO’s for multiple departments.

Quick setup and implementation; you are up and running very quickly

No software has to be installed!

HiperWeb Training

We are planning to offer HiperWeb Training in 3 locations mid May. We would like your feedback on topics of interest and have sent out a survey. If you would like to complete the survey - you can do so here.

Click below to view or print out a description of the HiperWeb Training Content Descriptions being considered for our upcoming workshops.

HiperWeb Training Content Descriptions

HiperWeb Reviews

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia needed a cost effective way to offer services, manage records and document work for its Subscribed Regulatory Compliance Service. Because HiperWeb is such a robust system, a few modifications adapted the system to their needs. The Gas Authority is using the system for basic work order management as well as documentation of operations and maintenance activities.

"Most work order systems are developed from an accounting perspective as part of a financial software package. HiperWeb approaches work orders from the operations point of view, making it much more useful for managing maintenance, construction, and other field activities. Beyond that, we were able to adapt HiperWeb as a documentation tool for system monitoring and inspection tasks, and other required compliance functions. For us, HiperWeb is a perfect fit,"

- Bill Defoor, Subscribed Regulatory Compliance Manager - Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

The City of Calhoun, Georgia

"The Hiperweb program is a regular part of our daily routine. Being able to track the true cost of a job so easily is great. Another feature that is very helpful is the ability to pull up past work orders to answer any questions about what work was actually done. From keeping track of employee and equipment hours to having material prices at your finger tips the whole system is a big asset to the city." - David Erwin, City of Calhoun Public Works Department

The City of Elberton, Georgia

"Elberton Utilities relies on HiperWeb everyday for customer service requests, work orders, inventory control, and accounting for capital projects. Elberton has saved a tremendous amount of money on server hardware, software licenses and support by using HiperWeb." - Lanier Dunn, City Manager