Pole Inspection & Treatment

This program saves cities time, money and man-power for essential pole inspection. Pole inspection contractors compete for the business of ECG communities through a bidding process. ECG ensures that communities will receive the best price through this service, exemplifying the value of joint-action. With the power of cities joining together through ECG to select contractors for this service, each city benefits for greater leverage for the lowest price.

Crews begin with a visual inspection of each pole. They determine the visual condition of the pole and take note of any electrical issues. If there are no obvious signs that the pole is in need of replacement, crews will move on to a sound and bore test, checking for interior heart rot, shell rot, or other signs of decay. Crews dig around the base of the pole, drill into the pole below the groundline, and examine the interior condition of the pole. A trained inspector will also hammer lightly on the pole up to the first eight feet of the pole listening for pockets of decay further up the pole. If the pole is in good condition, a treatment is applied below the groundline to prevent decay, extending the life of the pole by approximately 10 years. This contract provides a per pole charge, based upon the work needed at each location.

Additional services that can be performed – repairing copper grounds, replacing missing or broken guy guards, vine control, pole tag installation, GPS locate, map update.