Padmount Inspection

Pad mounted equipment, when not properly maintained, can pose a serious safety hazard to utility workers as well as residents and children. Rusted or faded units are also unsightly and often are covered in overgrown shrubs and bushes, making it hard to find or access units for connecting or restoring power.

The ECG Padmount Inspection program provides a statewide bid and competitive pricing for a crew to clean, inspect, and paint each piece of pad mounted equipment on your system. By corralling the statewide bid on behalf of subscribing ECG communities, this service saves you thousands of dollars and the trouble of coordinating individual crews to do the work.

Inspection crews will leave your equipment looking like new and ensure units are level, labeled, and locked. In addition to padmounted equipment, crews can sand and paint decorative light poles, saving you thousands over replacing old and unsightly lamp posts.