Meter Testing

Meter Testing is an essential service for municipal utilities. It is often an opportunity to find lost revenues and to maintain the reliability of service and billing that customers deserve.

Nearly every error involving metering results in lost revenue to the utility. Since beginning the program, over $9 million in recovered revenue has been discovered. Nearly every member has recovered losses in excess of testing. Through this program, you will benefit through volume pricing and exceptional service. The contractor will record meter and site information, record per phase readings, and begin the meter test. The inspector will calibrate as necessary and record all of his findings. Inspectors will perform current and potential transformer inspection and tests, reset demand if necessary, and record stop time and meter seal number (upon request). Once the inspection is complete, a detailed site evaluation report is prepared for each site tested. Within each report, members will see estimated revenue loss or revenue overbill, a list of calibrations, and the number of sites within specification. This contract provides a fixed hourly rate per meter.