12 Jan 2022

More ECG News


ECG 101 Presentation. The ECG 101 is a dive into the history and services of ECG. This presentation is offered at all ECG Conferences and the Annual Meeting. If you are unable to attend one of them, we are happy to assist you by presenting the ECG 101 virtually or in-person at your site to newly elected officials, and personnel wanting to know more about us. For more information, contact Sabrina Milner.

Cybersecurity. ECG and MEAG Power joined together to provide opportunities and resources to improve your community’s Cybersecurity footprint. In doing so, ECG has a Cybersecurity Portal on our website to assist our Members with acquiring the essential tools and resources to become more secure.

Georgia Public Service Commission Residential Rate Survey. The PSC survey ranks electric service providers by total electric bill amounts for 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 kWh. The survey is done twice each year, once during the summer and the winter. Survey participants include all Electric Membership Corporations (EMC), Municipal Electric Systems, and Georgia Power and can be downloaded from the ECG Website under the Member Home page. To access this information, you must be an authorized user. Contact Sabrina Milner for authorization.

Lunch & Learn. The ECG Lunch & Learns has become increasingly popular with Members who would like to learn more about the value of individual subscribed services and how it benefits their community. Typically these sessions are held with Executive Staff and Elected Officials. To learn more about an ECG service or schedule a Lunch & Learn, visit ECG Services, click on the service you are interested in and the contact person listed.

ECG Member Directory. You can access any ECG Member by logging into the ECG website and clicking on Member Directory. The directory has all Members listed alphabetically and lists staff, elected officials, addresses, and emails for each Member. To access this information, you must be an authorized user. Contact Sabrina Milner for authorization.

Salary Exchange. The ECG Salary Exchange (ECSE) website was first implemented in 2006 to provide one central site for Members to access high-quality and up-to-date salary and classification information. To access this information, you must be an authorized user. Contact Sabrina Milner for authorization.

ECG Institute for Utility Training. The ECG Institute is a combination of ECG’s Powerline School, Training and Safety, and Member Training Courses (soft skills) that focus on the entire developmental process of a Utility Professional.


Lineman Recruitment Video. Check out this video made in the ECG Communities to assist with Lineman Recruitment. Your utility can personalize the recruitment video with your community information by contacting Bleu Lion Media.

Career Opportunites. If you have a vacancy within your community and would like to advertise the position, you can submit a PDF, Word document, or a link to your website to Sheri Braddick.

Georgia Energy and Industrial Construction Consortium (GEICC). ECG serves as an active member of the GEICC Executive Committee to help create workable solutions for a diverse workforce. GEICC Members enjoy the benefits of sharing best practices, trends, and tools to support workforce development efforts; access to energy workforce supply reports and projections; an audience with key energy stakeholders; inclusion in the development of energy educational programs; a partnership in grant applications and awards; access to outreach pipeline of skilled, craft and professional labor; networking with established alliances. Click here to learn more or to join GEICC.


Grants. ECG’s Office of Economic & Community Development assembles a list of current grants and funding opportunities that may be relevant to your needs every month. This information is sent out to Members monthly in an email and is posted under our Economic & Community Development Blog.

Federal Funding. ECG has partnered with Tantalus (ECG Strategic Partner) and Becker & Poliakoff, a Washington D.C. Law Firm, to help ECG Members leverage federal funding opportunities. These funds are available for various qualifying projects related to distribution systems, EV charging systems, broadband networking, and many others that provide modernization and optimization of smart grid systems. One of those funding opportunities is the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). For more information on how to take action, click here