17 Feb 2020

US Virgin Islands WAPA Safety Performances Improves

The US Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) safety performances has improved tremendously over the 2018-2019 calendar year. WAPA has put forth concentrated efforts to reduce lost -time injuries within their T&D Division. One effort in particular is partnering with ECG to provide Training & Safety services through monthly Training & Safety Meetings, Lineman classes and on the job field training. Since training has begun WAPA boasts of decreased accidents and their remarkable strides in improving the safety culture. Jon Beasely, Vice President of Training & Safety for ECG was onsite as Niel Vanterpool, WAPA’s Director of T&D personally thanked and extended his gratitude to WAPA’s T&D Division for their improved safety performances by rewarding them with 1 day off Administrative Leave. In a memo sent to all T&D Division employees, Vanterpool stated, “I would like to personally extend my appreciation and gratitude to all of you for the hard work and continued commitment to the Division’s success and improving the safety culture. Collectively, we are on our way to achieving 36 months of operations without a reported safety incident in the St. Croix and 24 months of operations in the St. Thomas-St. John district. We should all be proud of the various ways we have contributed to this incredible accomplishment.” READ MEMO

ECG’s Training and Safety Services train and certify electric utility employees through a variety of safety programs and ECG’s U.S. Department of Labor Certified Apprenticeship Program (3yrs). LEARN MORE ON TRAINING & SAFETY