10 Oct 2018

2018 Foreman & Supervisor Conferece was a Success!

The 2018 ECG Foreman & Supervisor Conference was a complete success! Thanks to the participation and attendance of ECG Members, Vendors and Guest Speakers. This conference served as a platform to educate and update our members on hot topics and the latest trends in the utility industry. It also served as a great avenue to network with peers and see on hand demonstrations of industry tools and equipment.

Dr. Mark Taylor presented a very riveting presentation on leadership basics and helping utility workers understand each other better and work more effectively together. He started his presentation off saying, “I think Linemen (Line persons) are very underappreciated as first responders, for the danger they face everyday and for the importance of the work they do in maintaining the electrical infrastructure.” This statement was followed by an applause from the attendees with an unspoken gratitude of others recognizing the untold dangers and the immediate response of lineman and utility workers. He also thanked ECG in an email shortly after saying, “I know that as people trained in apprenticeships or technical programs, they may have never heard these ideas before so I applaud you for bringing these very advanced interpersonal concepts to them, and for giving me the opportunity to impact and help them.” Developmental Leadership Basics Presentation

Christina Kincade, Training & Safety Executive Assistant showed a demo of the Rediker Training Database. ECG utilizes Rediker to notify members of Mutual Aid events and to manage Training & Safety records. For more information on how to utilize Rediker, contact Christina Kincade.

Jocelyn Hills; NP at Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, GA captivated the crowd by speaking about precautions, immediate care and the severity of thermal, electricity and chemical burns to humans. “Electricity burns are some of the most catastrophic burns I’ve seen,” says Hills who displayed graphics to compel the audience to use all safety measures possible to avoid injuriesElectrical Safety Plus Presentation (presentation contains very graphic photos)