Education, Training & Development

ECG has offered a training & safety meeting program for over 25 years. The program is very successful and continues to grow. We are committed to the 'Safety First' motto - our Safety Specialists are experienced and credentialed linemen with more than 180 years in the field combined.

Safety meetings are coveniently offered at your location, presenting a collection of safety topics. Each program is interactive, professional, and meets all regulatory requirements.

The program includes topics such as the following:

  • Transformer Connections & Banking
  • Regulation Review - NESC/OSHA
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Primary/Secondary Cover-Up
  • Equipment Safety - Vehicle, Power Tools, Meter-Base, Eye, FR clothing, etc.
  • Accident Reviews
  • Safety Attitude
  • Hot Work

Also included is the opportunity to certify your electric utility employees in First Aid/CPR, DOT Flagging, Pole Top Rescue, Bucket Truck Rescue, and Confined Space Rescue. These certifications are conducted and awarded as needed to your electric utility workers.

We also offer certification training for non-electric department employees at a nominal fee when joining a regular scheduled safety program meeting. This is a great opportunity to provide quality certification training for not only your electrical employees, but also those working in other utilities such as gas and water/wastewater.

Accident investigation is an additional aspect of membership in the ECG Training & Safety Program at no additional cost. Our Safety Specialists are certified and highly respected investigators having investigated and testified as expert witnesses in numerous situations throughout the country.