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ECG offers professional development programs designed specifically for communities owning and operating their own utility enterprise systems.

Our programs provide professional development and targeted support services. Both areas offer insightful tactics and strategies designed for growth and development.

All classes will be held at the MEAG Power Training Center in Forsyth unless otherwise noted. A list of our current classes are listed below. For any questions, please contact Michelle Weekly at or 770.563.0435.

Microsoft Excel

Basic: March 4 | Intermediate: Basic 5 | Advanced: March 6

Developing Your Key Account Program

Did you know that over 80% of new job creation in Georgia is directly tied to our existing industry segment?
In this course, you will learn the benefits of having an effective key accounts program and the risks your community is taking if one is not in place. Meet your instructor here.

April 26

Registration Opens March 5

Residential Energy Audit Training

May 16 -17 SWEET Center, Atlanta

Registration Opens March 12

Performance Management

May 21

Registration Opens March 19

Basic Electric Rates

June 27

Registration Opens March 27

Utility Customer Service Training

Providing municipalities with the necessary skills and resources to provide excellent service to your customer. This program is designed to offer guidance with the unique demands of the utility industry. Customer satisfaction is a key component of the overall success of your municipal enterprise systems. You will gain insight on effective communication skills.

The Customer Service training program is designed to provide maximum benefit while limiting time away from your job duties. Divided into 6 modules, our training allows flexibility in scheduling and the option of attending individual classes for subject concentration. Upon completion of the program, a Certificate of Completion is presented. A detailed description of each topic can be found here.

July 30 |August 27| September 24|October 29| November 19 | December 17

Registration Opens April 9

Foreman Series

September 17 |October 24 | November 21

Registration Opens June 18

Excellence As A Supervisor Program

Providing training for first line supervisors, mid-level supervisors and prospective supervisors, the Excellence as a Supervisor Program is an exceptional resource to provide your personnel with the tools necessary to succeed. A first-time supervisor often arrives in his or her new role with little experience. The program is designed to provide the skills and training to eliminate frustration and allow the new supervisor to flourish.

Series 1:
October 1-2 |November 6-7 |December 3-4

Series 2
January 7-8 | February 4-5 | March 10-11

Registration Opens April 16

The DOT Process Simplified for Electric Utilities

January 28
Registration Opens October 29

Utilities Credits & Collections

February 25
Registration Opens November 12

Communicating in Crisis Situations

March 19
Registration Opens December 10