Energy Services

Energy Services encompasses a broad range of technical services designed to help our participants with their customers. These services can be seen as a way to build relationships and establish ties with existing customers as well as a means to add value to proposals for service to potential new customers. 

This menu of services also includes an opportunity for participants’ customers to be “green.” The customers may participate in a green power initiative that expands the use of renewable sources, such as biomass, in Georgia.

Energy Services includes the following deliverables:

For key accounts (typically large industrial customers)

  • Performing walk-thru energy audits
  • Consulting on efficient plant design  
  • Consulting on facility modernization
  • Performing comprehensive energy/water audits
  • Monitoring and managing load strategies
  • Developing a comprehensive energy strategy 


For small commercial and residential customers

  • Performing energy and water efficiency audits
  • Developing a residential energy audit program
  • Training in-house auditors