Engineering & Energy Services

A well-designed electric distribution system provides reliable, safe electric service. Quality engineering design reduces both the number of customer outages and the affected areas during outages. Proper engineering and design result in predictable, safe system protection and efficient, economical delivery of electric service.

Distribution Engineering includes the following:

  • Designing distribution for new residential, commercial, and industrial loads and developments
  • Designing major electric system upgrades and improvements such as voltage conversion, reconductoring, and line relocations
  • Preparing construction drawings, operating diagrams, one-line system maps, and work order prints
  • Performing power quality investigations to the distribution service point to determine the level of service and correct service deficiencies, should they exist
  • Determining the most effective method by which a Member may provide retail service for customer choice loads
  • Providing engineering advice and analysis for daily distribution applications including transformer sizing, fuse sizing, NESC and NEC interpretation, loading/diversity calculations, and system grounding recommendations
  • Providing territorial advice, including interpretation of existing territorial assignments and corridor rights
  • Providing infrared scans and analysis of distribution equipment

Energy Services encompasses a broad range of technical services designed to address the needs of ECG Members and their customers. These services allow communities to establish ties with existing customers, as well as a means to add value to proposals for electrical service to potential new customers. This menu of services also includes opportunities for member’s customers to be energy efficient.

For key accounts and industrial customers:

  • Performing energy audits
  • Solving power quality issues, on both sides of the customer meter
  • Consulting on efficient plant design and facility modernization
  • Monitoring and managing electrical load strategies
  • Performing infrared studies

For small commercial and residential customers:

  • Performing energy and water efficiency audits
  • Developing a residential energy audit program and training in-house auditors

For all customers:

  • Providing a renewable power option, including pricing & sales support and marketing support
  • Providing resources to explore alternative energy technologies