Cost of Service Studies

ECG Communities bill approximately $1 Billion annually for electric service.

It is critical for community-owned utilities to establish fair and equitable rates that ultimately benefit the customer and the utility.

One way that ECG Pricing & Sales Team supports the establishment of fair and equitable rates is through Cost of Service studies.

These studies:

  • determine the adequacy of the electric, gas and water rate structures to produce appropriate revenue for the city
  • assess the fairness of the rates among different customer classes
  • design the study to prepare rates that are equitable and efficient revised tariffs when the utility needs base rate revisions based on the outcome of the cost of service study results

Our Pricing & Sales Team are experts in the field. For over a decade, ECG has performed Cost of Service studies for municipal utility systems across the southeast. Now, we also offer Cost of Service studies in the areas of gas, water & sewer and telecom! Contact Ellen Richardson or Katrina Bond to get started on your cost study.


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