What is the R & D Project?

On November 17, 2009, ECG conducted its 7th Annual Benchmarking Review and Workshop.  The meeting provided the opportunity to discuss the benchmarks in detail as well as discuss the challenges facing ECG Participants.  The meeting was well attended - 37 attendees representing 26 Participants.  We appreciate all those attending and regret that some of you had pressing issues and were not able to come this time.  Feedback provided by Participants is necessary as we further develop our products and services for the benefit of all Participants. 

For those of you unable to attend, the meeting covered the following material: 

  • 2008 Benchmarking Overview
  • System Assessment Overview
  • “Smart Grid” Distribution Readiness
    • Cost of Service Study Essentials
    • Time-of-Use Rate Essentials
    • Rules and Regulations Manuals Needs

For the full presentation materials, please proceed to the Benchmarking Tab located in the “Pricing and Sales Support” section of the website.  Because of the confidential nature of the material presented, it is located in a “members only” section of the website.  Therefore, you will have to register as a user on the website in order to access it.   

At the conclusion of the meeting, the consensus of the Participants attending was the following: 

  • Discontinue the Benchmarking Study for one year
  • Update the distribution plant and expense study
  • Update the various functional levels of demand allocation factors
  • Develop rationale for optional time-of-use pricing on statewide basis using marginal costing concept
  • Develop model rules and regulations documents for use by all Participants

Moving the Benchmarking Study to every other year provides an opportunity to mitigate some of the expense for the new deliverables.  We expect that the additional annual average cost per Participant will be approximately $700.  To allocate these costs equitably, ECG will use the same cost allocation methodology that was utilized with the Benchmarking study.  Smaller energy purchasers should expect to pay less than the average, while larger energy purchasers should expect to pay more.  Similar to the Benchmarking Study, each of the above deliverables benefits all the ECG Participants that subscribe to the service.  

For ECG to proceed with the above deliverables, please have your “authorized official” execute the attached document and return it to Holly Bisig by December 11, 2009.  You may send the document via email hbisig@ecoga.org, fax (770-956-1909) or mail to 1470 Riveredge Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328.  You may find your list of “authorized officials” in your ECG Participant Contract or contact Holly Bisig (hbisig@ecoga.org or 770-661-2889) and she will provide you with your City’s list.

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