Hometown Connections

A subscription to Hometown Connections through ECG helps participants to leverage their combined resources and offer new services that otherwise may not be attainable alone. Contact Ellen Richardson for more information about the Hometown Connections products and services or CLICK HERE to visit the Hometown Connections website.

Owned By Public Power
Hometown Connections is a utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association (APPA).

APPA is the service organization for the nation's more than 2,000 community and state-owned electric utilities that serve more than 45 million Americans.

Three Kinds Of Service
Hometown Connections offers three areas of service to help your public utility save money and serve your customers.

1. Utility Operations Services: Including SCADA systems, grid management over power lines, and property & casualty insurance.

2. Business Planning Services: Combining strategy consulting and assessments with market research capabilities.

3. Retail Services: By partnering with APPA members, companies are able to offer competitive pricing to a utility interested in adding surge protection, energy improvement, or other services to their mix of retail offerings.

Hometown Connections makes products and services available through its direct sales staff and alliances with 18 public power joint action agencies, state associations and individual utilities, including ECG.