Tim Houston, Chairman

City of Acworth

Term Expires: 2018

I grew up in Acworth and now have the honor of serving my hometown as Mayor Pro Tem. My responsibility is to make sure the people of Acworth are represented well and that it is the best city it can be. I make the hard decisions! In my spare time I like to go to the gym and work on a truck I am restoring. Something interesting about me is, I love to cook. Many people wouldn’t think that but I actually do. Outside of working out and restoring my truck, I have a couple of sports I like, Basketball (Atlanta Hawks) and Football (Atlanta Falcons) Rise Up! And my favorite Athlete is Bill Russell. My dream vacation is to travel to the Maldives Islands and feast on my favorite food; Lobster while listening to my “Share My Life” by Kem. One thing that annoys me is dishonest people and If given the opportunity to change the world I would change the heart of the wicked and teach them to love! This is the only way we can live in peace and harmony!